Hey, I'm Pratap 👋

I am a Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience in building and deploying web applications using varying tech stacks. My expertise lies in the frontend, backend and mobile apps.

I write about System Design, modern JavaScript, Python, Node.js, React, React-Native, mobile, desktop and web app development. Checkout my road to glory from the timeline.

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What people say about me...

The quotes are collated from my LinkedIn recommendations.

Pratap has good work ethics. Always willing to push his limits in solving the problem. Techie+Writer combination- he has winning mindset.

Sudan S S

Pratap has a humble background with solid in-depth knowledge in building scalable and robust web applications. It was a great learning curve for me to learn react in depth from him. In addition to his decent problem solving approach he is got great talents in building a full stack web applications with modern design principles.

Rakesh Kumar Sah

Pratap is a great guy with a professional and a go-getter attitude towards his commitments. I personally worked with him on projects and he has given a good delivery on them. Plus he is a great helping hand to people.

Allan Joseph

I have known Pratap since 2k14, we completed our btech together and still are constantly in touch. I can say that he is extremely talented and is expertise in whatever he does. Be it monitoring the class, managing stuffs or in software field. He is always professional and determined.

Mala Kisku