What is the universal success rule in digital marketing?


In this episode, we’ll discuss about the universal success rule in digital marketing.

In Digital marketing - the universal law applies, which is:

  • Be Persistent
  • Enhance your skills
  • Coping up with new Technology and Trends

Be Consistent:

In the year 2017, a Youtuber started his youtube channel named Technical Guruji. Now he has around 20M+ youtube subscribers and 2000+ videos uploaded. Which means he is uploading two videos every day. His consistency and persistent helped him with the success of his youtube channel. The point here is whatever you want to execute on your blog or your social media pages - you have to update them regularly.

Enhance your skills:

In this industry, in every couple of years, technology will be improved - old tricks will be outdated too. Which means - your growth will suffer if you aren’t up to date with enhancement and new developments.

You will have to spend a good time for daily reading about new updates, trends, and upcoming changes to cope up with this.

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