My Monthly Update [June 2020]

Last month, I wrote My Monthly Update [May 2020], a post summarizing what I accomplished throughout the month. I am super excited to share a bunch of news and updates for the month of June.

I wrote 7 articles and added 2 interview questions and answers

In the month of july, I have written seven articles and two interview questions and answers.


I have written a full fledge tutorial for beginners on My SQL

  1. How to install PostgreSQL on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu
  2. How to Delete a Git Branch Both Locally and Remotely
  3. How To Perform an SEO Audit of Your Website - A Beginners Guide.
  4. How to improve SEO on a site build on GatsbyJS - Open Graph with React Helmet
  5. Creating and Adding Sitemaps to Gatsby Websites
  6. Some useful Git commands that may save your life
  7. MySQL tutorial for beginners - Learn MySQL

Interview Questions and Answers

I have added Interview Questions and Answers for Javascript and React. This may help developers to boost their interview process.

  1. JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers
  2. React Js Interview Questions and Answers

The basic Javascript concepts which I uploaded in my blog is to help new javascript developers to grasp and understand every bits and piece of javascript which we developer missed.

I have 4 Patrons

I started patreon in the previous month and it's amazing that I get support from my readers.

My Patreon page

It's humbling to have so much support. I haven't started using Patreon until recently, and I'm really happy that people have decided to support me. Currently I support the following tiers to my patreons.

  • Short Email Mentoring ($1/month): Send me 4 to 5 emails per month to ask me any technical questions, any advice or help with programming issue.
  • Longer Email Mentoring ($5/month): Send me 10 to 15 emails per month for technical help.
  • Get online support for React ($10/month): Mentoring on the stack # React # ReactNative ⚛️ + #Flow 🎤 + #GraphQL 📡 + #AWSAmplify 🛰.

If you like my work then you can always support me.

Email newsletter

As of August 02nd 2020 my newsletter have 1859 subscribers.

Features addition

  • I have added a social share buttons where you can now share your favourite article with your friends.
  • Added view counter in the blog/articles.
  • Added next article suggestions in the end of each blog.


It was a great month. Thank you all for reading, contributing, emailing, and donating!

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