Top-10 highest upvoted Stack Overflow questions

While answering one of the question in Stack Overflow, I was curious about which questions in Stack Overflow are top rated or has the highest number of upvotes.

Here are the list of Stack Overflow Questions with highest number of upvotes.

Rank Question (Header) Upvotes Link
1. Here is a piece of C++ code that shows some very peculiar behavior. 24285
2. I accidentally committed the wrong files to Git, but I haven't pushed the commit to the server yet. 20847
3. I want to delete a branch both locally and remotely. Failed Attempts to Delete a Remote Branch 16797
4. What is the difference between 'git pull' and 'git fetch'? 11814
5. What is the correct JSON content type? 10189
6. What does the “yield” keyword do? 10055
7. How do I undo 'git add' before commit? 8864
8. What is the “-->” operator in C++? 8844
9. How do I rename a local Git branch? 8416
10. How can I remove a specific item from an array? 8122

I found these by querying the Stack Exchange Data Explorer.

You may also follow the link inorder to know questions with most number of upvotes in descending order.

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