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While I was away for a long time, I did not spend much time writing blogs.

Two years ago, I used to record Youtube Tutorials related to Javascript. Two weeks ago, I saw a comment where the viewer commented "Great One". Getting the comment after two years of publishing the video it motivates me to add more tutorials. Keeping that in mind I have started creating a tutorial which is focused on Javascript for now. I promise to add tutorials related to other programming languages or technologies.

I'll keep on updating the list below as I add new content.

Tutorials available so far

  1. How to solve Happy Number problem in Javascript | Leet Code | Coding Challenge
  2. How to use BigInt in Javascript? Why was it introduced in Javascript?
  3. JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners in 2022 | Part #1
  4. What is JavaScript and where can we use it? | Part #2
  5. What Is JavaScript Used For? | Part #3
  6. Setting Up JavaScript Environment | Part #4
  7. Javascript Syntax | Part #5
  8. Variables & Data Types | Part #6
  9. Conditionals (if..else.,ternary, switch) | Part #7

Personal Vlogs

  1. Cycle Ride to Rupa Lake a Tourist destination in Pokhara, Nepal🇳🇵 | Cycle Vlog | Vlog #1
  2. Hike to Lord Shiva Statue Pumdikot - Pokhara || Vlog #2
  3. Remote work at Kahun Dada Pokhara - Hindi || Vlog #3
  4. Breakfast in Pokhara and dinner in Kathmandu || Vlog #4
  5. Morning ride to Begnas Lake | Tourist destination in Pokhara Nepal🇳🇵 | Vlog #5
  6. Chakrapath Parikrama | Kathmandu Ring Road | Cycling Vlog #6 | Vlog #6
  7. Trek to Gosaikunda Lake | गोसाइकुन्ड🇳🇵| Langtang National Park | Travel Vlog #7 | Vlog #7
  8. Ride to Ghyampe Danda | Kathmandu Ring Road | Cycling Vlog #8 | Vlog #8
  9. Flying a DJI Mini 2 Drone | Khaste and Gunde Lake Pokhara 🇳🇵 | Drone Vlog #9 | Vlog #9
  10. Ride to Myagdi, Nepal🇳🇵 | Enroute to Beni Bazar | Ride with Pratap | 4K Moto Vlog | Vlog #10 | Drone Vlog #9 | Vlog #10
  11. Champadevi Hiking | Best Hike Destination Near Kathmandu🇳🇵| Vlog #11 | Vlog #11

Currently there are lots of videos which are not relevant to Tutorial or Vlog. Once I reach the 1000 subscribers count I promise to remove videos which are not relevant to Tutorials or Personal Vlogs.

Please like and subscribe to my content and help me reach the 1000 subscribers count as we progress.

Subscriber count as of 06-Jan-2023 : 618

To sum it up

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Please don't hesitate to drop a comment here if I miss anything. Also, let me know if I can make the post better.


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